Job Descriptions and Key Performance Indicators

For optimal performance and stress-free working days, it’s crucial that all employees know what is expected of them by their employer when they come into work. Suitable job descriptions accompanied by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can help achieve clear guidelines and expectations in the world place. Although this may appear to be a basic part of the relationship between an employer and employee, many workplace disputes are due to regular friction in the workplace caused by a lack of suitable job descriptions and clearly laid out requirements for the team.

Avoiding Friction Between Employees:

It’s not uncommon for duties to be shared amongst groups of employees who may all have different qualifications, levels of experience, and even rates of pay. When shared duties, such as client and customer services, are part of the daily tasks in a workplace, a lack of definitive, clear job descriptions and targets can quickly begin to cause friction and unrest between employees. For example, new employees who are inadequately trained to do their job may make simple mistakes as a result, which will not only affect client and customer relations, but can also be irritating for other members of staff who may need to step in and deal with the issue.

Improve Employee Retention:

Taking on new employees can be a costly process, but it’s counter-productive to hire a new employee without providing them with a job description, introduction to their new workplace and basic training materials so that they can get to know their new role well. Employees who don’t know exactly what is expected of them at work, or have been inadequately trained at their job, may not be confident in their own abilities, or feel that they are better off looking for another career option where they will be provided with the resources that they need to do their job well. Remember that inadequate training and unclear expectations can make some of the best employees look bad.

Updating Job Descriptions and KPIs:

As a company evolves and changes over time, it’s important to keep employees up-to-date. This will avoid any issues with employees continuing with old policies and guidelines, and ensure that everybody is moving forward in the same direction. Make sure that all employees know that their job descriptions are subject to change where appropriate, for example where there have been organisational changes, or simply when there have been no updates for a long time.
Clear, concise job descriptions and KPIs give your employees solid guidelines to use when it comes to being the best at their role.

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