Delegating: How busy entrepreneurs can improve employee productivity

As someone who runs their own business, you need to have the ability to delegate effectively to your employees so you can focus on the most important stuff. If you struggle with delegating, here is how to become comfortable doing so.

Taking a Back Seat

One of the toughest parts of delegating, especially if you are a perfectionist, is taking a back seat and allowing employees to take a more active role in the team. Start off slowly with the least important tasks until you begin to feel comfortable and build confidence in your team.

Developing Feedback

Feedback is a great way to find out what is working well and what isn’t. When you complete appraisals with employees, ask them if what you are delegating to them is the right amount and if they are able to do it with ease, or if they perhaps need more training. You should also praise your employees when they work well and give constructive feedback if there is something they didn’t do so well.

Encouraging Ownership

When delegating, you should encourage ownership to employees, as this will ensure they stay productive and motivated. This also helps in building a trusting relationship with your employees. Train your employees and let them come to you when they need help. Coaching them rather than simply barking orders makes a huge difference.

Utilizing Technology

Making use of programs such as project management software allows you to view tasks and when they are due to be finished. This also helps you in managing what is being done and when, as well as who by.

Take Time to Think

Delegation isn’t simple. It takes time and patience to get it right and come up with a system that works for you. Look at your own schedule and what tasks you could delegate that take up a lot of your own time. Then look at your employees’ skills sets and decide who would be best suited to take
on the work.

Hiring the Right Employees

An important part of delegation is having the best employees. This means choosing employees who have a range of experience and skill sets so that each team member can contribute to a different task in a different way. If you notice that your skill mix isn’t broad enough, then this is something to
focus on during the hiring process.

While you have more than likely hired people you can trust, when it’s your business it can sometimes be difficult to take a step back. Following these tips can help you to delegate tasks effectively to your team.

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