Introductory Workshop leads to New Career Path

About Greg:

As a French (Swiss) trained bookkeeper, Greg was asked to look after the financials for a not-for-profit organisation.

What Happened:

Greg started using Quickbooks (Reckon Accounts) and was puzzled about this tool he had never used before. He attended an AVB workshop and gained a lot of insight into the software. He then decided to gain his Australian qualifications and completed the Certificate IV in Bookkeeping and also Accounting. Both of these courses were run by AVB and included lots of support, encouragement and real-world examples.

What Greg says:

“AVB’s workshops were helpful and instructive. With Odile teaching and training, I was quickly able to fully manage the accounts of our not-for-profit organisation using Quickbooks (Reckon Accounts). Odile encouraged me to complete a Certificate IV in Bookkeeping and Accounting to gain my Australian qualifications. This course was meaningful as it is based on work-related case studies. This helped me to efficiently deal with my daily work load. With fantastic feedback and help I completed these courses in a short period of time. ”

“I highly recommend Odile’s Quickbook’s (Reckon) training. The workshops are fun and informative.”