3 Tips for an Enjoyable Christmas Party at Work

It’s fast approaching that time of year again that many people are looking forward to – Christmas. Along with the extended time off is the inevitable Christmas party that many companies feel compelled to put on for their staff to show their appreciation for all their hard work during the year.

While Christmas gifts are all about being surprised, not having any unwanted surprises this Christmas party is far more important. Here are three tips to make sure your Christmas party goes off without a hitch.

Party Time without the Hangover

With Christmas parties, if you introduce alcohol, it tends to impair decision making. People also can lose their footing or get more flirtatious than they normally would in the office. Sometimes, painfully so. How can the party still go on without the possibility of bad behaviour ruining everything?

For companies wanting to hold a fun party to celebrate the year but wishing to avoid a flurry of meetings in HR in the New Year, it bears careful thought. A no alcohol policy is one way to avoid a change in inhibitions leading to regrettable mistakes. Whether that’s aggressive behaviour, unwanted advances, or something even more serious, cutting out the booze reduces the risks considerably.

Beyond that, providing a fresh warning to staff to keep business relationships platonic to avoid unwanted difficulties is never a bad idea. Ensuring the venue has functional cameras isn’t a bad idea either.

Giving Away the Right Amount of Benefits

Companies cannot give out benefits at Christmas time either as a free party, a gift (or both) without this being taken into consideration.

The Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) comes into play for employees where individual gifts amount to over $300. There’s an exemption below this level for gifts (there can be more than one) where it won’t be taxable. This also means that a company can provide a Christmas party costing $290 per head and another gift of $290 and not trigger a tax hit.

Provide Transportation

Providing transportation to the Christmas Party and back makes it simpler for staff to plan their evening. Whether instigating a no drinking policy for the party or not, staff should at least be provided with transport back to the office afterwards. This avoids employees having to figure out how to transit back from an unfamiliar venue late at night.

As long as companies are careful about how they create a Christmas Party to remember, then everything should go fine. This avoids surprises that were not expected and creating a hangover the next day that’s not due to alcohol consumption.

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